Quote Requests

1. Fill out for Form below

2. Open the drawing pdf.  If you have Adobe Acrobat on a tablet, you can draw on the form.  Otherwise, you'll need to print it out.

3. Draw what you need from a birds eye view on the form.  Remember to fill out where walls are and what edges needs polishing. Also, mark where sinks go.  There is an example below to help.

4. Upload the drawing to this form.

5. Upload any pictures of the project you have.  This will help us more accurately get you a bid.  

Steps for submitting your own drawing

Interested in getting a quote?  We can do it several ways.  These are in order of quickest way to get a quote.

  1. Use our online quoting tool.  This will get you an idea pretty quickly.  Fill out the quoting tool completely and upload pics of the job to be eligible for discounts

  2. Fill out the form below and email in a drawing and picture of the project.  Include what colors you are interested in.  We'll email you a quote asap

  3. Free In Home Consultation.  Click here to fill out our form that will tell us your availability.

  4. BETA - VIRTUAL BIDS.  We'll setup a video chat and we'll bid your job over the internet.  Click here to setup an appt.